Swisher Sweets Silver 1x Single Cigar

Swisher Sweets Silver 1x Single Cigar

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Swisher International’s latest addition to the Swisher Sweets lineup, Swisher Sweets Silver, is a completely different entry into the company’s classic cigarillo line-up that typically offers adult consumers a sweet smoking experience. Swisher Sweets Silver has all the characteristics that consumers have grown to love in Swisher Sweets except that it doesn’t offer the sweetening. Instead, Swisher Sweets Silver gives customers a smooth and rich natural tobacco taste.

- Swisher Sweets Blunts can be used to create the perfect BLUNT!

- This purchase is for 1x Swisher Sweets Blunt

- Each Blunt comes wrapped in original Swisher Sweets Blunt packaging to protect the freshness